Shelby Trails Park

New Shelby County Park near Simpsonville, KY offers horse owners and equestrian folks a great opportunity for trail riding.

Shelby Trails Park WILL NOT OPEN to the public until Spring 2011. Permits can be purchased beginning March 1. Trail permits are $40 for the year. Park opening is pending upon the completion of a parking lot. Project set to be complete before April. Check back later for complete details.

Shelby Trails Park is located at 5063 Aiken Road in Simpsonville, Kentucky. This land previously belonged to Dr. Roger & Diane Shott of Anchorage, Kentucky.

Please click here for Shelby Trails Park Regulations and permit pricing. All animals shall enter the park with a current negative coggins and current health certificate. Proof required upon registration.

Corinne Bradley is the manager for Shelby Trails Park Equine Education Center.

This property consists of approximately 400 acres with about 80-85% being forested. Trails have already been established by Mrs. Shott throughout the property. There is also an indoor riding arena and a 7-8 stall stable on the property. Several other buildings exist on the property that will be used for storage and other future uses.

The Shott’s have requested that the property be left as natural as possible and utilized for an equestrian/nature preserve. Clay Cottongim, Parks Director, the Shotts, and River Fields, a conservation group that helps protect and preserve natural resources, teamed up in 2006-2007 to set guidelines on how the property can and will be utilized. River Fields will make periodic inspections of the property to insure that Shelby Trails Park is being utilized in accordance with the Shott’s wishes.

Shelby Trails Park has areas which can be built on and areas which can not be disturbed. Future plans for this park include: primitive camping, wrangler camp, various special events, nature classes/outings, and leasing the stables/riding arena to companies that specialize in riding lessons and trail rides.


It all began back in 2001 when Clay Cottongim, Director of Shelby County Parks, received a phone call from fellow State Parks friend, Cary Tichenor. Tichenor informed Cottongim that Dr. Roger & Diane Shott of Anchorage, KY, wanted to give Kentucky State Parks a piece of land in western Shelby County. The State Park Department was not interested in the land because it did not have any historical significance. Clay then made a call to Mrs. Shott and was out riding the trails of the property within a week. It has now become an annual event for Clay and the Shotts to have lunch, ride the trails, and discuss the dreams and plans for the Shott property.

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